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Get background maps

This form's purpose is to let you explore the background map options available in GPS Visualizer. Any data you upload will NOT be plotted on the maps; it will only be used to calculate the coverage of the maps.

One possible use of this program is to allow you to download maps which can be used in off-line GPS applications; many programs let you import scanned or downloaded maps and calibrate them by entering to the upper-left and lower-right coordinates. (On the next page, you will get a table of information about the maps, including the corner and center coordinates, as well as the size in miles and kilometers.)

Upload GPS data:
Use the input boxes here to get background maps based on the area covered by existing GPS data files. (If you upload files, the boxes on the right side of this form will be ignored.)
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Uploaded data options
around data:
Use waypoints to
calculate area:
Discard outlying
map width:
Or enter coordinates:
If you know the coordinates of the area you want to see, you can enter them here. East and north are positive; west and south are negative.
Specify boundaries:
west edge:
north edge:
south edge:
east edge:

Or a center point and dimensions in km/miles:
Anything you enter here overrides the four boxes above.
latitude:°   height of map:
longitude:°   width of map:
General map options
Max. dimension: pixels [help]

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